Why do you need a website?

Website visitors often make their decision after looking at your website. Having a website is essential, it is your company’s digital business card, which leaves a first and lasting impression on your potential customers.

We can build you a simple or a more content-rich website based on the needs of your customers and following the principles of your business. It is very important that your website is rendered properly on any device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) and on different screen sizes. We place a lot of importance on your website being mobile phone-friendly, SEO-ready, user-friendly, works fast, is flawless and secure in the long-term.

A great and highly functional result is crucial to us, so when creating a website or e-shop, we are always considerate about your budget and finding just the right solution for you.

The website creation process usually consists of:

  • meeting with the client, collecting information (texts, images, examples, etc.)
  • analysis
  • creating a well-thought-out structure
  • writing content if necessary, optimization for search engines (SEO)
  • creating design views
  • creating a mobile design
  • setting up the test environment
  • adding content management software, modules and other functionalities
  • continuous reviewing with the client, implementing proposed changes
  • website testing
  • installation of the website on the client’s server (if necessary, we help with domain registration and server hosting)
  • website management training
  • follow-up service – additional developments, marketing activities (Google Ads and Facebook advertising, SEO, website maintenance)

Don’t worry if you don’t have a vision of what the website should look like, or if you don’t have any texts or photos. We can help you with the design, write the texts, choose images from image banks or take photos ourselves. See all our services.

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